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Students, Parents and Carers: COVID-19 Update

Update – 03/04/2020

As per previous updates, the management team are continually reviewing our actions under and will continue you to keep you updated through our these updates and our new Frequently Asked Questions section. Please continue to regularly check our website. We have now published key support information, including the status with bursary and free school meal payments on the website.

Student / Parents / Carers – GCSE and A Level Update

Today, we have received the initial documentation and guidance related to how grades for GCSE and A Levels will be awarded. As you will understand, we need to review this guidance and then instigate a course of action that will ensure all our students to receive the right grades. I expect both students and parents will have a number of questions. Once we have reviewed the published guidance and identified the actions we need to take, we will be able to provide further updates. However, until that time, please refer to the statement for students and parents that has been published with the guidance by following this link: OFQUAL

All Students / Parents

As previously stated, it is really important that all students remain engaged in learning. This means:

1. The College will continue to support students through the provision of regular work and tasks including on line taught sessions, via our digital platforms.
2. Where applicable, parents / carers must support students so that the effect on learning is minimised as far as possible.
3. It is essential that students use this time effectively and productively to minimise the effect of the current situation on their performance and next steps.
4. Students will receive regular instruction and tasks which must be completed.
5. All submitted work will be assessed by teachers with feedback provided via digital platforms.

Teachers should remain the main point of contact for all students. Students and parents should regularly monitor the College web site for any updates. This is the primary source of communication and information. If this information does not answer your urgent query, please click here to leave your query and we will provide an answer as soon as is possible. We are prioritising the questions / queries we are responding to and at this time, we are not responding to general or course enquiries.

Students, Parents and Carers: Vulnerable Students, Students with EHCPs and Students of Key Worker Parents / Carers

Following the Department for Education Guidance our Student Support Team have been contacting all of our EHCP students, those who are looked after by the local authority and those who have social work intervention. The college has already provided all students with the necessary materials to be able to continue learning from home and their teachers will be in regular contact. The Department for Education advice is that if it is possible for children/young people to be at home then they should do.

Our support team will remain in regular contact with our EHCP and vulnerable students to offer support and advice and we anticipate that this will meet the needs of most of our students. We have been advised to assess the needs of these students on a “case by case” basis as many of them will be able to remain at home and continue learning. However, if you are concerned that a young person has such vulnerabilities that they cannot remain at home full time then please discuss this with our support team when they contact you.

In regard to ‘Key Worker’ parents, the guidance states that ‘if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be’. As our students are over 16 we consider that we will not need to provide a provision for these learners. Particularly as it is much safer for both them and our staff for us not to do so.

If you are a ‘Key Worker’ or a parent / carer of a vulnerable student or a student who has a EHCP and need to get in touch with us, please contact the teacher or support worker who is in contact with the student or please click here to send your query and we will respond as soon as is possible.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and support at this challenging and unprecedented time. For further guidance on the current pandemic see NHS Direct Website: